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Enhanced Residential
Solid Waste and Recycling Programs

The City of Big Bear Lake and Big Bear Disposal, Inc. are pleased to announce the Enhanced Residential
Solid Waste and Recycling Programs that will be rolling out in July 2023. As a part of the City’s compliance
efforts with State Legislation (SB-1383) and the new Franchise Agreement with Big Bear Disposal, Inc., there
are significant improvements to the residential programs that will include cart service, automation, and new
trucks! Beginning in the middle of June, all residential properties will receive new 96-Gallon carts for solid
waste (trash) and recycling. The trash carts will be gray and will be used as typical trash receptacles to accept
all non-recyclable solid waste including food waste. The new recycle containers will be used consistent with
previous practices for recycling.

The one exception to the solid waste carts will be green waste (pine needles, lawn clippings, yard debris)
which now must be collected separate from usual trash pursuant to SB-1383. Big Bear Disposal, Inc. will
provide two (2) options for the collection of green / organic waste. Customers can contact Big Bear Disposal,
Inc. to request an optional green waste cart at no additional cost. Additionally, residential customers may
continue to place bagged green waste out at the curb on their collection day (limited to 5 per week).

The carts will be delivered beginning the week of June 15 with the new service scheduled to begin the week
of July 3. Collection routes and days will not change from the existing schedule. Simply roll your carts wheels
to the curb to experience the new automated collection. As a part of these programs and services, Big Bear
Disposal, Inc. will offer additional optional enhancements such as 64 gallon carts for trash and recycling, pull
out service, or additional carts to enhance capacity. Reach out to us for further information and pricing.
Please see the flyers and forms included within this packet to learn more about the enhanced programs and
services. For additional information, please contact Big Bear Disposal, Inc. at: or
909-866-3942. You may also learn more by contacting The City of Big Bear Lake at:
or 909-866-5831

To find your transition week, or to find more information regarding trash and/or recycling, please scan
the QR code below or visit our website, For information in Spanish please
visit our website.